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My name is Amanda! I'm 31 years old and live in NW Ohio. I have a son, born 5/22/14, named Freddie (aka Little Freddie). My husband (also Freddie) and I have been together since 7/15/09. I'm laid back, silly and not the least bit judgmental...so you should probably be friends with me! 🌸

My fat little blonde baby!

Little Freddie!
Born: May 22, 2014
Weight: 9lbs 5oz
Length: 22 inches!

  1. seahorsesoda said: Congrrrrrrrats!!!!
  2. joyceandbaby said: He is so beautiful! Congratulations!
  3. angelalouise85 said: Congrats xx
  4. littlehootx3 said: What a chunk! So sweet! Congrats!! ❤️
  5. amidwiferyjourney said: Eeeeek! Yayyyy! Congratulations <3
  6. sacredseacow said: Yay! Congratulations!
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